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Wanzo is more than just an internet service provider, we can help your business grow and have strategic partnerships in place so we can all win-together.

Strategic Partnerships

We have high standards for any business using our service – and this means keeping you connected 24/7. Being reactive in a fast-paced environment is also crucial for a fast-moving businesses.

We have connections with the leading tier 1 & 2 companies in Europe, enabling your business to connect anywhere, with the best providers, at the best price.

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Rewarding Lead tenants

We like to reward loyalty and make our customers feel valued. The first tenant to join our network in a multi-tenanted building benefits from a discounted monthly rate. We also offer additional incentives and financial benefits for tenants who encourage others to join up with Wanzo. So spread the word and recommend to a friend!

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Temporary Office

Office moves can be a logistical nightmare and don’t always go according to plan. If you’re having difficulty finding office space, we work closely with several serviced office providers enabling us to offer temporary solutions until your permanent space is confirmed.


Helping the next generation

We enable businesses like yours to donate unwanted office furniture and technology through the Business2Schools charity. Ultimately giving young people in the UK a better environment to learn in.

If we help improve the infrastructure in schools, provide them with faster computers and help create a more aspirational environment, our children will go on to achieve more in their careers. We are also teaching them about the importance of recycling and our shared responsibility to look after the world.

If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, please consider donating your unused technology to Business2Schools and together we can support the next generation while reducing our carbon footprint.

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CapExPay – Pay upfront to install connection and equipment into your building/s

OpEx – Pay in monthly instalments to cover your connection and equipment


Multi-tenanted buildings

We specialise in enabling entire building internet connectivity for private landlords, developers and managed service buildings. This involves connecting new builds or retrofitting entire buildings with high-speed, reliable and secure internet connections.

This service is part of a wider portfolio of IP services to support growing business needs, i.e. VoIP, hosting or security. If this sounds familiar, Wanzo are your ideal partner to work with, however simple or complex your requirements.

Landlord businesses models come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why we offer a flexible approach. We find solutions that are right for you and more importantly your end customers.

Looking to enable new developments or retrofit existing buildings with connectivity? Our models allow your tenants to move in immediately and be up and running straight away.

Wanzo-connected benefits

  • Tried and tested service packages ready to use straight away
  • Attractive letting appeal for your buildings
  • No hidden charges or unexpected delays for tenants or landlords
  • Quicker installation to prevent rent start dates being pushed back
  • Improved tenant retention through flexible and additional services
  • Locally serviced provider to set you apart from competitors
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The Problem

We know that when a business grows, so does its critical infrastructure. Over time costs and complexity can rise, due to inefficiencies, additional services, hardware and applications.

Business profitability and employee productivity can suffer as a result, often because you’re spending more time managing multiple suppliers.

Our Solution

We offer a consultancy service to help you make significant cost savings as well as budget relocation, which will reduce your day-to-day operational costs.

As part of this service, we conduct a free communications review to check that your infrastructure is fully optimised for ROI and more importantly for your customers, a quality user experience.

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Your Benefits

  • Lower operational costs
  • Reliable and efficient to scale infrastructure
  • Reduced inefficiencies and waste
  • Simple supply chain procedures
  • Streamlined business processes and billing
  • Flexible network and easy to manage

How can we help?

  • Wanzo can get the most out of your investment, help you spend less but become more flexible.
  • Our cost consultancy will improve your performance as well as make you more efficient and maintain a competitive advantage.
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