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Deploying a Wide Area Network can be a challenge for any IT executive looking to upgrade their existing infrastructure or connecting a new operating site. The business environment is always expanding and WAN upgrades need to be aligned with increasing data demands and capacity requirements.

Migrating to a new WAN is seen as a risky business and it’s most likely that an IT professional will choose to stay with their incumbent provider even though they aren’t seeking the best return on investment.

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What makes Wanzo smart is the use of our Virtual Private LAN service which can be implemented across multiple sites and connect your operations together under one network.

Wanzo can reduce your operational cost and migration risks with a multi-site network topology which is bespoke and suitable for any business.

business internet services London
business internet services London

Many Services,
One Pipe

Most businesses are looking to do more with less and Wanzo offers a connectivity service that brings you more. Our low-latency businesses connectivity circuits are enabled to bring you; cloud access, internet service, Unified Communications and WAN services all delivered over a single circuit.

The questions a business should be asking themselves is are we getting the most value out of our network provider.

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