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Voice Services

Business Voice Solutions

Wanzo is making business functionality a lot easier by providing advanced, flexible, scalable and cost-effective voice services to businesses within the UK.

Our Unified Communication (UC) service is providing businesses with the ability to have voice calls on any device, keeping business productivity functioning at all times. Our UC service can be quickly scaled across multiple-sites, enabling employees to communicate no matter what location and optimising the way you work.

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VOIP Benefits

Cost Effective

We provide you with a cloud-based solution which is cheaper and easier than a traditional based service. Big capital expenditure is saved and you have a monthly fee which is manageable for your business needs.


One of the main benefits with our VOIP solution is the scalability, it is extremely easy to add new services to your business which can be done quickly.


Our UC service is easy to get set-up and you are not bound to one location. You can link the UC app with your mobile, laptop or tablet and take your calls with you no matter what location. Also, set your location to a geographical location that suits your business.

unified communications london
unified communications london

Virtual Line

Choose the perfect, virtual number for your business from anywhere. Our virtual line can route all your calls to your mobile device meaning you don’t need to miss out on a call again.

We offer Web-based call management to control all of your business calls and our packages are very competitive, just send us your requirements and we will provide a tailored solution for your business.

Why go for Hosted PBX?

Traditional PBXs have a number of problems meeting the needs of today’s work environment.

  • Capex Impact of upfront PBX investment and then later replacement.
  • Inflexibility should new PBX users/ features require hardware or software upgrades.
  • Inaccessibility of PBX call features to remote users limiting their productivity.
  • Business continuity risk of flood, fire or fault on the PBX
unified communications london
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Wanzo Hosted PBX Features

  • A complete, persistent, Windows desktop in the cloud
  • Desktops and applications delivered via a single platform
  • Unified workspace with great user experience
  • Centralised image management
  • Solid-state Flash storage
  • Windows 2008 R2 using Windows 7 theme
  • BYOD support (Tablet, PC, Mac)
  • Delivered by a secure and private network
  • Solution has the ability to burst and contract on demand

Office Seat Features

  • Essential Call features – make/receive calls, call forwarding, hold, transfer and voicemail.
  • Hunt Group – incoming calls delivered to specified destinations according to a specified policy.
  • Hot Desking – provides the same user experience at different desk phones, enabling flexible seating without affecting productivity.
  • Call Parking – allows a call to be suspended by one user and then picked up by another user.
  • Do Not Disturb – user appears busy to incoming calls.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection – rejects calls from anonymous parties who have restricted their caller ID.
  • Three-way calling – allows a call to be set up between 3 users speed dial single digit for favourite of difficult to remember numbers.
  • Call reporting – call information, visual wallboard, dashboards and reports.
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Ubiquitous Service

  • Single identity across desk phone, PC/ Mac, Smartphone & Tablet.
  • One identity across all services; Voice, Video, Instant messaging (Chat) and presence.

Advanced PBX Services

  • All features of the office seat (see office seat features page)
  • Find-me / Follow-me – defines a set of destinations incoming calls that are routed, based on specified criteria.
  • Selective Call Control – enables incoming calls to be accepted or rejected based on specified criteria.
  • Multiple call appearance – enables incoming call to appear on multiple handsets simultaneously

Collaborative Services

  • Instant messaging (Chat) and share information with multiple colleagues using file transfer and desktop sharing.
  • Virtual meeting room – drag and drop colleagues into personalised meeting rooms for N-way chat, voice and video.
  • Conference moderator – view and manage audio conference attendees.

Simple, intuitive tools to increase personal productivity

  • Point and click control – of your audio calls, video calls, chat and desktop sharing.
  • Find and view colleagues presence – with calendar integration, chat with them.
  • Access your contacts – from one contact list synchronised across all devices.
  • Seamless transition – users can start a call on their desk and seamlessly move to their mobile device.

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