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Wanzo have developed Soft-client, a free Softphone with an advanced but easy to use interface. This product will revolutionise the way you make and receive business calls, leaving your old-school desk phones redundant and clearing up space on your desk!

The widely used software features include drag and drop calls, instant messaging, file sharing, voice and video recording and much more.

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Drag and Drop Calls

Our service enables you to select a contact and drag it over to the Softphone application to make a call to anywhere in the world – it’s as simple as that. Business phone calls have never been easier.

Instant Messaging and File Sharing

We know instant messaging is often the best way to stay in touch with your friends and family – so why not incorporate this to the workplace? Our messaging service lets you exchange ideas and questions with your colleagues, reducing the demand on email and phone services. It’s also a great way for junior staff to seek internal advice during a client call.

As well as exchanging ideas, you can share files with colleagues directly through this service, creating a more collaborative environment.

best london internet
best london internet

Combine Devices
and Platforms

How can you combine a telephone, videophone, fax machine, instant messenger, conferencing solution, live collaboration system, customer relations management platform and much more in a single application? All accessible through your laptop or desktop. Here are two solutions.

  • Desk phone integration: answer and place calls using your desk phone with a range of advanced features.
  • Any phone integration: answer and place calls using your mobile phone while on the move, with access to a callback feature

Smarter Functionality

Our softphone is designed to resemble the standard desk phone, with a smarter layout and functionality. This modern technology means you will no longer require traditional desk phones.

  • Manage all aspects of your calls visually
  • Dial any number published on a webpage or email with ease
  • Access your voicemail inbox instantly and transfer calls
  • Receive notifications as soon as the user becomes available
  • Put calls on hold, merge or park the call for convenience
  • Display the CallerID for every call to avoid spam calls
best london internet wanzo
best london internet wanzo

Switch Between
Voice and Video

You can enjoy high quality voice, video calls and conferencing while saving time and money in the process.Host meetings and talk to your co-workers, associates, friends and family while on the move or working remotely.

  • Wherever you’re working from, continue using your phone extension, list of contacts and built in office features.
  • ​Have face-to-face conversations with your co-workers to improve communication during remote meetings.
  • Record calls with a single click to access valuable information, tasks to follow up or complaints.

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