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SIP Trunks

We offer this service to enable your business to operate a selection of telecommunications systems through your company’s IP network.

Business SIP Trunking

There are two main benefits to enhance the way you stay connected:

  • Save on business calls abroad
  • Cheaper alternative to ISDN30 solutions
  • More minutes for less
  • Guaranteed call quality
  • Retain your existing telephone numbers
  • Perfect for all Disaster Recovery requirement


We also provide managed services to cover IP connectivity and number management, ensuring that we can deliver a complete communications solution.

As an experienced SIP trunk provider, our knowledgeable engineers will be able to help with any questions you might have 

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Why Choose Wanzo SIP Trunks?

We offer a range of components to connect your system via SIP trunks, taking full responsibility for delivering your service from day one.

We operate an independent core network infrastructure.

We provide telephone numbers from all across the UK, routing them through to any office location.

We ensure compatibility with a host of SIP devices from several different manufacturers.

What are the Benefits?

What are the benefits?

Saves you money – Save more that 30% on monthly telecommunications costs with multi-modal communication capability

More flexible – Simply add or reduce connection capacity as needed, to increase the flexibility of your service

Higher quality – Have clear business conversations and meetings with improved voice and video quality, think audio in HD.

Smarter billing – Take advantage of reduced administration with simplified billing for voice and data services

Trunk aggregation – Use idle connections in one location for calls at another by centralising and eliminating redundant connections

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What are SIP trunks

What are SIP Trunks?

Session Initiation Protocol is a signalling communications method used by internet telephony service providers to deliver voice and video calls over IP networks. It establishes and closes calls and works alongside other protocols in transporting thousands of data packets (audio and video). Unlike services such as Skype, business SIP trunks provide far superior performance and stability.

Data Circuits

Are high-quality calls a necessity for your business? We can advise on and support your network with the right data circuits to avoid disruption. Standard ADSL is inadequate for the delivery of voice data, especially with an overcrowded network.

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voip voice

The Right Numbers

We know you need to have numbers from the dialling codes you want to be delivered, regardless of location. The ability to centralise numbers from large and complex cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow) to a single hub ensures that you will have a nationwide presence for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Damage can easily be done to the finances and reputation of any business. With SIP, you will have a Disaster Recovery strategy ready to respond (which hopefully you’ll never need)! With such high level of resilience available, users will be completely unaware of any issues.

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voip voice london wanzo

Quality Assured

Each IP data packet will arrive in order and without delay to create a steady stream of delivery. You will never have to put up with packet loss, time delays or interruptions. As a proud provider of all IT services, we pride ourselves on the best call quality, ease and value for money to keep your business ahead in telecommunications.

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