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Wanzo Internet & Ethernet Network services enable your business to transform into the cloud. Our vision is to provide the best experience for our partners and allowing them to grow and scale up quickly and easily. Wanzo can provide the infrastructure you need for your business to connect to the cloud and we can tailor this to your requirements.

Our team is agile and flexible meaning we can work with you should your business change direction. Our team is proactive and well-trained meaning we can keep you connected one a smaller budget.

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Our Services

Cloud Connectivity

Through Wanzo, you can benefit from the world’s largest footprint cloud platform with fully managed Microsoft cloud services. We help organisations of all sizes transform their operational agility with scalable resources, applications, storage, analytics and business continuity solutions (all built on Microsoft Azure).



Colocation is ideal for companies that need to have all, or part of, their own hardware and software locked safely inside an internet datacentre. With excellent connectivity, physical building security, power, resilience, diesel generators, 24/7/365 monitoring, air conditioning and access to many different enhanced features, all available as standard.

High availability platforms designed to function as either a single service or a combined offering, so your business can benefit from cost-effective, off-premise reliability.

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