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The Basics

In the early days of the internet, and even in certain remote areas today, a dial-up connection has been required for connecting to the web. Nowadays of course, it’s far more common to have broadband connectivity: through an ADSL line, a fibre-optic cable, a mobile signal, or potentially even via satellite.

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business internet services London

Business Broadband Requirements

ADSL broadband is a connection provided over home telephone lines. The basic requirements for ADSL ensure that it is widely available throughout the UK; you simply need a phone line and a special filter/splitter to plug into your telephone port.

This divides your telephone line into one channel specifically for phone calls, and one for broadband connectivity. Download speeds for ADSL are superior to upload speeds, so it’s worth considering the amount of files you will be uploading when discussing your business needs.

Satellite broadband

This broadband option is available in rural areas where traditional fixed-line based broadband services are not usually available. A satellite dish is used to provide two-way access to broadband services.

This is one of the least popular options as it can prove costly and unreliable, and should only be considered if you are located in an area with poor network coverage.

business internet services London
business internet services London

Mobile Broadband

This can be an ideal solution for infrequent internet users who may be reluctant to take out a contract, or those without a permanent landline. Mobile broadband can be accessed via your smartphone, or through what’s known as a ‘dongle’. Available from mobile phone suppliers, these dongles access the internet through mobile phone signals, and are available on either a pay-as-you-go or pay monthly basis.


Are broadband bundles suited to your business? Depending on your business needs, deciding whether to opt for a standalone broadband service or broadband packaged with additional products is relatively straightforward. Business broadband deals incorporate features such as internet access, calls, mobile phones and television – with a single bill for all items.

At Wanzo, we often recommend packaging calls, phone lines, and mobile calls into one bundle, particularly if you’re a business looking for great value.

business internet services London

Business Broadband
Should you Shop Around?

1. As the marketplace is flooded with similar services, it makes sense to investigate precisely what’s on offer. Doing so may well see you save money in both the short and the long term.

2. It’s important to stress that, before you begin to shop around for business broadband deals, you should be fully aware of your requirements. This will then enable you to compare offerings on a like-for-like basis, matching products from different providers in a way that clearly identifies the best deal. Plus, it means you will not be blinded by great price alone, as you may end up being tied into a contract for services that don’t fulfil your needs.

3. As a customer, you are in the best possible position to benefit from the increase in competition. Tariffs are continually evolving, meaning that you are able to secure more for you money than you may have been able to twelve months earlier.

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